Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A few days ago, one of my students at Okawame Jr. High came up to me exclaiming, "Dana Sensei, mitte, mitte!" ("Look, look!")

And then she opened up her hand to reveal the tiniest paper crane I have ever seen...

And I think it's pretty safe to say that this is the tiniest paper crane I will ever see.

Needless to say, I was definitely impressed by her origami skills. She gave me this itsy bitsy bird, and I walked down the hallway saying, "Mitte! Mitte!" to all the other students.

Although it's by far the teeniest, it's not the first paper crane I've been given...

I have a little collection. :)

With the help of students, I've even made my own cranes before. (Click here if you'd like directions on how to make one for yourself.) But unlike my students, there is NO WAY I could try to make one from memory!

Origami is a Japanese word that means "to fold paper," and it is a very popular activity for children in Japan. Of course it is by no means limited to cranes...

A paper "Santa-san" is part of my Christmas decor. :)

Instead of making art out of paper, I've been using it to study Japanese! I have a big Japanese test in Morioka on Sunday, so this week I'm really focusing on studying.

Wish me luck! Or as we say in Japan, がんばって! ("Gannbatte!")


Dawn said...

Wow that is the smallest paper crane I've ever seen - LOL - that almost seems impossible. BTW, love the santa.

Lauren said...

Why are you taking the test? Do you have to? Gannbatte!!!! I say that all the time!!! Hope all is well on your side of the world!!!

Lannie said...

Wow! That crane is amazing! How is that even possible!?

Jaakko Ståhle said...

oh wow, that's pretty awesome. It's really nice to read your blog here in Finland!

I haven't been updating mine because I've been really, really sick for a while :(. The closure and a video are coming as soon as I get out of the hospital.

I would really appreciate it if you could hook me up with Yasu's address or email address, I'd like to send him a new years card.

My email is

Keep up the good work, Sensei!

Jaakko Ståhle said...

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to ask, How is your brother doing in the army?

Sorry for the doublepost!

Anonymous said...

Has our card arrived yet? Get ready for origami from Franklin.

Marti Schrock