Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Playing dress up

Weeks before heading to Kyoto, I made reservations for the gals and I to try on kimonos!

My ALT friend Ra recommended that we do this program, and I'm so glad she told me about it because we had a lot of fun wearing traditional Japanese outfits. :)

Here are some pictures of us getting ready...

Ta da! Finished...

This is the "kimono-wearing pose" -- feet together, hands clasped in front.

Our footwear. :)

I loved the big bow in the back!

Even though I've lived in Japan for nearly a year, this was my first opportunity to wear a kimono. During the festival last fall, I wore a yukata -- a casual summer kimono made of cotton. Silk kimonos are very expensive and are worn for formal occasions only.

Since it wasn't raining, we had the chance to go outside to get our picture in front of a shrine...

We had a great time, and I recommend this program to anyone visiting Kyoto who wants a neat, cultural experience.


Dawn said...

That is really cool. You guys look great.

Lauren said...

I agree this was a lot of fun and well worth the money! I would recommend it to anyone as well!!! Good work!

lauren ashley said...

those are beau-ti-ful!!
how pretty you ladies look. :)
what a treasure to have an authentic dress with such a cool, rich history!
i love the giant bows on the back, too! hehe.

The Princess said...

Looks like your gals had lots of fun!!