Friday, July 31, 2009

Craic and shenanigans!

Ey, what's the craic?
Translation of this Irish expression = Hey, what's going on?

I just love hanging out with my European friends; they crack (not to be confused with "craic") me up!

Being around them has broadened my English vocabulary. I now find myself wanting to describe things as "wee cheeky" and "brilliant." Things like last Saturday's British picnic and game of cricket. :)

Janine from London made "heaps" of scrumptious goodies -- different types of quiches and pasta salads, homemade scones, "biscuits" (a.k.a. cookies) and tarts -- in an effort to share British culture with her junior high school students and us American English teachers.

'Twas a lovely day for a picnic. By the way, the photo credit goes to Janine for all of these pictures.

When Janine told me that she brought the equipment for a game of cricket, I got excited and told her that we had a cricket set at my house growing up!!

But it turns out that cricket is not the same thing as croquet, which is definitely what I'd been picturing in my mind. Whoops. At least they both start with a "cr," and that makes them similar, right? Indeed not.

I didn't realize that cricket is actually kind of like baseball. Kind of. It is in the sense that you have to hit a ball with a wood plank and score runs. (I'm really not the person to explain the rules of cricket, so I won't even attempt that!)
Here are a few pictures...

Oliver looks like he's falling over!

After hitting the ball, (which I did! woohoo!) you run to this wood post thingy ma jig (See? I'm not the person to explain this game!), and then run back to where you hit the ball from, if possible.

As with most sports I attempt to play, it didn't take too long for me to go from participant to cheerleader, haha.

Overall, it was an enjoyable* afternoon, and I'm glad that I played cricket for the first time and now know what it is!! I'm also glad that I'll be hanging out with this same, fun group--the ALT's from Ninohe, primarily--this weekend at Tokyo Disneyland!!

I'm looking forward to some good "banter" and "shenanigans." :)

* It probably seems that all I ever do is have fun, fun, fun! I thought about writing a blog post that has pictures of me doing laundry, paying bills, cleaning my apartment, sitting at my desk editing English speeches and trying not to fall asleep, etc., etc. You know, just to make things a little more rounded.
But what's the fun in that!? ;)


Lauren said...

You are correct all you ever do is have fun!!!! However, even when you are paying your bill or doing laundry you still find some way to make it fun!!! That's what I love about you!!!

Dawn said...

Don't lie to us - you have fun doing everything, including bills. The game of cricket looks like fun but very confusing...I would have probably been on the sidelines cheering next to you.