Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few interesting lessons

What do calligraphy and boxing have in common?

Well, they're both activities I've done recently but haven't written anything about yet! So here it goes...

I actually started taking Japanese calligraphy (called "shodo") lessons just before I left for the Philippines. I've had three shodo lessons so far, in which I've practiced making kanji (Japanese/Chinese characters) with ink and a brush.

The first lesson was just for practicing stokes. At my second lesson (pictured), I started practicing kanji. My teacher made four orange circles over my work to indicate I did it correctly.

My "shodo sensei" (Japanese calligraphy teacher) is such a nice, patient guy!

I have my shodo lessons every Tuesday for one hour. It's harder than it looks to do all the strokes correctly and in the right order. It's a slow and methodical procedure, but so far I'm enjoying the new activity.

It's probably hard to imagine me boxing, but I did try it. Just for kicks. :)

One of Jemma's friends--named Tomoki--is a prize-winning boxer/fighter, as well as instructor, and invited us to come to his private gym to have a go at boxing!

Tomoki (right) practicing with another student, who was with Jemma and me.

Tomoki-san showing us how to properly kick. Looks painful, huh?

Jemma getting ready to give it all she's got. :)

The three of us after our lesson. I put on the ginormous, I'm-not-messing-around-gloves just for the picture. :)

While it was fun to kick and punch and learn a bit of self-defense, I'm not committing to boxing lessons on a weekly basis. Dancing is definitely more my thing; I still have dance practice every week, and our first performance is tomorrow! Stay tuned to for that...


Dawn said...

Yes the calligraphy looks tough - I wouldn't have the patience, but good luck to you.

Yes, it's hard to imagine you boxing - since you wouldn't hurt a fly.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures. I give you credit for learning calligraphy. That is impressive! Also, you look great in the yellow boxing gloves. :0) BTW, I look forward to learning about your dance on Sunday. Carrie

Anonymous said...

That is so cool you have the opportunity to do somet things you love. I'm moving to S. Korea in 2 week and am looking forward to doing different things I'll enjoy.

Lauren said...

This looks hard!! Oh wait it is hard, well at least for me!!!