Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cute kiddos & fun Filipino friends

The kids our team played with at the Habitat village in Puerto Princesa, Philippines weren't camera shy. That's for sure.

They would come up to us and say, "Camera, camera!" Then after you'd take their picture, it was, "One more, one more!"

As a result, I have lots of pictures of sweet, irresistible children.

Here are a few of my favorites...

So precious.

I believe the boy on the left took this picture himself. :) Not bad! And he took this next one, too...

Monkey faces! And continuing with the "little monkey" theme...

The children were so playful! I was reminded of the kids in Nicaragua, who also loooved pictures and really enjoyed goofing around.

Kaspar is sleeping. The boy beside him is obviously not. But he'd like you to think otherwise. Haha.

There were lots of kids around since they were on vacation from school. Just about every child I played with--even the itty bitty ones--could at least say, "Hi! What's your name?" in English. Impressive!

I was also impressed by this boy and his Reggie Miller jersey! Yay Pacers!

These guys were so funny, and wanted me to take this video of them dancing:

To me, the interaction with local people is one of the greatest aspects of service trips. Not only did I have a blast hanging out with the little kids, I also made several "big kid" Filipino friends. :)

From left to right: Michelle, Jean, me and Ling at the farewell party on the last day of building.

Chillin' out with Pat and Roger.

I'm convinced that volunteer trips are the best way to travel. Our team worked hard, but we also played hard. (The next post will be about our two "free days" of sight-seeing.)

And in the mean time, we hung out with several fantastic people of the Philippines!
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Lauren said...

I agree that the best part is interacting with the children and adults!!!

Dawn said...

The children are so cute - it's really cool how they could ask your name in English.

Jennifer said...

Yes...that does remind me of Nicaragua too!! Great times!!

ulysis said...

Certainly is that's why lot's of foriegn men chooses to mary Filipina women because they are a happy person.

dina said...

Nice pictures...!Filipino Friend