Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My life is a musical

I've mentioned it occasionally, but I've never actually written a blog post about karaoke!

Gasp. This has to be fixed. Right now...

Karaoke is a pretty big deal in Japan. It's a Japanese word, in fact. It means "empty orchestra." Americans don't pronounce this word the same way that the Japanese do. In fact, whenever I say "karaoke" ("care-ee-o-key") -- in my supposed Hoosier accent -- to a Japanese friend, I often get the response of, "Heeehhh???" FYI: The proper way to pronounce it is "kah-dah-o-kay."

I love karaoke. (No matter how you pronounce it!) I've determined that the reason I like karaoke so much is that my life is a musical. Truly. I sing in the shower, in the car, in my apartment...and I sometimes catch myself humming along to my iPod as I walk down the street.

Yep, I am that girl who snaps her fingers while strolling down the sidewalk, then randomly bursts into song and dance about how great life is! Ok, only kidding. But it really isn't a total stretch of the imagination!

Anyway, my point is that singing is great fun, and I do it a lot. So it's really no wonder that I like karaoke so much and go sing with friends probably an average of once a week! (That's why it shocks me that I haven't written much about it before now.)

Here are a few karaoke highlights that I'm finally sharing pictures of...

  • My welcome party with co-workers back in August was my first karaoke experience in Japan. It was amusing to hear Japanese folks singing English songs -- especially my "Beatles buddy" from City Hall. Here is a clip of him singing... :)

  • Oliver's birthday in September involved all of the Kuji ALTs and Kenji.

Oliver got numbchucks for his birthday, which is what he's wearing around his neck, haha.

  • At Jesse's going away party (a.k.a Jesse Fest), karaoke was three hours long! Of course all the of the times I've heard Jesse scream/sing at karaoke are definitely...memorable. ;) By the way, Jesse just shared this cool video with me, and it's sure to make you smile! After sticking around Kuji a few extra weeks, Jesse heads for home today. He will certainly be missed.
I had a brilliant time at Jesse's party singing "Shine" by British band Take That with my Irish friend Jarlath, and British friends Becky and Bobby.

I've actually been on a British entertainment kick recently (in Japan, go figure) -- listening to British music and reading novels by British author Sophie Kinsella. And of course Tomoki still likes to speak British English when he comes over. :)

Well, I'm singing off...err, I mean signing off, for now. Cheerio! La la la la la...

* * *
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Lauren said...

There is no better way to describe you life then to say it is a musical. Every time I talk to you I think you are singing about something!!! By the way you are an awesome singer!!!
Love you!!!

Dawn said...

The clips are you couldn't catch me dead singing in front of an audience any more. More power to you though.

Wendy City said...

This is just so cute! CA-REH-OH-KAY!