Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's go on a picnic!

I woke up yesterday morning {Easter Day} to the sound of birds singing. 'Twas glorious. The rest of the day was also quite lovely.

After church, I spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with "my peeps." (including the marshmallow kind, haha!)

We went out for lunch to a place I'd never been before, where I ordered one of my favorite things ever, curry katstu -- fried pork with curry and rice. おいしい 買った! "Oishii katta!" ("That was delicious!")

Then we went to the game/arcade center, where I'd also never been until yesterday. We headed straight for purikura, the fun picture booths that are great to do with a group. :) You do about six different poses with your friends then spruce up the photos with pictures, words, borders, etc. Here are two from yesterday...

I think we ran out of time to put cutesy little pictures on this one (like the hearts above)...

みんな ("minna") = everyone, だいすき ("daisuki") = to really like

I was so excited to run into Marina at the game center! She's one of the girls who did a homestay with my family in January. Ah, good times.

A few intense games of air hockey later, we continued the fun with karaoke. Big surprise, right? ;) By the way, purikura is a really popular thing to do after karaoke since they have the photo booths at the karaoke place.

After singing out hearts out, we took a cake break! :) There's a really nice French-themed café a few skips down the street from karaoke, and I just had to take a few photographs while we were there...

A pretty picture of my pretty-as-a-picture blueberry cake. :) Oooh la la.

We all ordered a different kind of cake and shared with each other. Oh, how I LOVE doing that!

A little cake picnic -- doesn't get much better than that! On second though, maybe if we had glasses of milk...

So that is how I spent Easter. I might add that I also talked to my dad and brother, as well as my g/f Ariel on Skype, which was a nice ending to the day.

I feel like I need to apologize to my guyfriends Sean and Takenori for this girly blog post! They were good sports to hang out with us goofy, girly gals all day. :)

* * *
To read about Easter in Japan from the religious standpoint, click here for my "Keep Shining" entry.


Dawn said...

Sounds like an interesting Easter. We didn't celebrate it as much - mostly because I was celebrating my parent's anniversary which technically is today.

Lauren said...

Looks like you had a pretty good Easter...You even got to talk to your family and Girl friend! I am glad that your Easter was fun!!!

Jennifer said...