Monday, June 2, 2008

Actions May Speak Louder than Words. However...

Words are pretty important!

Although I don't intentionally hide the fact that I'm a Christian from my non-Christian friends, I feel like I don't talk about my faith as much as I should.

I've always liked the quote by St. Francis, "Preach the Gospel. Use words if necessary." So I've taken this to heart. I'll wear my cross necklace, have a good attitude and try to be as Christ-like as possible, and then hope that people make the connection.

But it's important to also tell people about Jesus. After all, what a great guy -- the perfect guy, actually. He loved everyone, regardless of what sins they struggled with. (To quote Hannah Montana, haha, "Nobody's perfect." We all sin.)

On top of being a perfect human, Jesus was also fully divine, as the son of God. Here's the most amazing part: He gave his life so that all people who believe and follow him will live in heaven FOREVER. (paraphrase of John 3:16)

For some reason, it's easier for me to write about J.C. than it is to talk to my non-Christian friends about him. It's frustrating because I talk about lots of different things! I once had a conversation in a store with a woman I didn't know about the shoes she was going to buy. But I would have felt uncomfortable asking her about her beliefs and sharing mine. Jesus is more important than shoes, for crying out loud!

I've been thinking about this a lot, especially at Cedar Campus two weeks ago because I was in the group that discussed witnessing to people -- in other words, telling poeple the good news about Jesus being the answer in our broken, sinful world.

I told my group that I'd have plenty of opportunities to share Jesus to people in Japan since the country is only one pecent Christian. (Not that I don't have plenty of opportunities now.)

Of course that intimidates me. Goodness sakes, it's intimidating to verbally witness in America, where I'm surrounded by Christian support, let alone in a country where Shinto is the main religion.

It's helpful and encouraging that there's a Baptist church in Kuji. (This is due to the Baptist missionaries from Franklin who founded the church.) From what I know, it's a small place, and the sermons are in Japanese with an English translator. But it will be good to be have Christian community, and I plan to get involved with the church and treat my experience in Japan as a missions opportunity.

No matter what, I'll be "rep'n Jesus" in Japan -- in both actions and words.

Cedar Campus photo :)


Anonymous said...

This is a very good blog since I was going to ask you how Cedar Campus went. I think that when people get to know you more they will open up to you and you will be able to talk to them about their faith. I know since I have gotten to know you more that I am able to open up to you more about my fatih and I have also become stronger in my fatih because of you. Thank you! I love you!

Anonymous said...

I had to go back to work before I could finish my last comment. So to add to my last comment I wanted to say that the more people are around you they will start to see Jesus in you. Just by talking to you even if it is not about your beliefs you can tell that you are a strong believer and have a great realtionship with God. I feel that I have not talked to you much about your faith or mine; but, by going to church and Nicaragua with you I have seen how strong your faith really is. Your actions are truely speaking louder than your words; however, iti is still importatnt to speak to others!

Ashley said...

It's hard to talk to people about beliefs sometimes if you do not know them or are not close to them. I do agree with lauren though, once people get to know you they will see Jesus in you.