Tuesday, June 17, 2008

8,036 days old today and feeling great!

Arms are for hugging! Lauren and me on my b-day in our new twin shirts. :)

I didn't feel old until I found out how many days are in 22 years! haha

It has truly been a fantastic birthday! It started out well with Devon making me a delicious breakfast, and then it just kept being a fabulous day. I went to the city market with my grandma, who bought me a peach so my day could be just peachy. I went out for a BBQ lunch with my Dad and brother Derek, and the whole restaurant watched as I was sung to and presented with a piece of lemon cake. I went on a tour of the new Colt's stadium, where Derek works. Three of my closest friends surprised me by coming to my house for dinner, bringing an ice cream cake with them!

I realize that four of these five highlights I mentioned involve food! This is not surprising to those who know me. It was a wonderful day of eating a lot of my favorite things, and I enjoyed every minute (and bite) of it!

But the scrumptious food is not what really made this day special. (Although it did help, haha) What made it awesome was all of the love that was shown. I have some amazing people in my life. I thank God for my wonderful family and friends who are so good to me! THANK YOU for making not only this day, but several days and moments, so memorable and fun!

I had some fantastically fun moments at camp last week, where I was a cabin leader for 5th/6th grade girls. One of my passions in life is meeting new people, and I met some great folks last week and enjoyed getting to know them. I also enjoyed my alone times with God, when I talked to Him about all kinds of things, including my upcoming move to Japan.

I'm really not nervous about it. In fact, I have a peace about the move. First, I know that God is with me and will take care of me no matter where I am. Second, I heard from Liz Bassler, the other girl from Franklin who is living in Kuji with me. She has been living in Japan for a little over a week now and says that she is adjusting just fine to the new environment and has no culture shock. This is so encouraging to know! I prayed for her a lot while I was a camp because I knew she was traveling and making the transition to Japanese life.

I'm at peace and content about life in general. It's been a great summer so far, and I'm looking forward to more good times to come!

Me with my girls in front of our cabin at camp!

Lynette (the other cabin leader) and me


Anonymous said...

It was so good to get to celebrate your Birthday with you! I like the picture that you put on this blog! I am glad that you had a great Birthday. You do have a lot of amazing people in your life and that is because you are amazing to a lot of people! Well I better get to work! Love you!
PS: I was so glad that you finally posted a blog!

Amanda said...

It was so fun spending time with you. I just love every minute I get to spend with my esposa.

I love you a lot.