Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something is not quite write about this sentence.

Of the random English words and phrases that I've found in Kuji, most of them are right (not "write," haha), such as the English I wrote about in my last blog post. However, sometimes the English is wrong.

There are two kinds of wrong. First, there is the kind of wrong that makes you smile and chuckle because it's kind of cute. It's the kind that makes you think, They tried, and I understand the meaning, but it's not perfect. (For example, the title of this post!) :)

Here are a few more examples:

This was a poster in the gym where I played volleyball earlier this week.

Not once -- but three times -- the sign above the entrance to this store says "Let's Good Shopping!" Maybe this is supposed to be a play on words? -- a cross between "Let's go shopping" and "Good shopping." But somehow, I doubt that. Nice try, though!

Hmm...I guess quality can feel elegant. And I suppose that the quality of somthing can be elegant. But I know for sure that the word "elegant" has an "a" in it!

It's usually just called a toy box. Maybe even a box for toys. But not a "toys box," even though toys go into the box. See, this is why English can be difficult to learn! It's tricky sometimes.

So that's the first kind of wrong, which is the most common type. Then there's the second kind of wrong. This kind of wrong makes you wrinkle up your forehead and scratch your head because it makes no sense whatsoever!

For example, the following is a picture of Yamada, the "Best Buy" of Kuji:

Notice at the top where it says "For Your >> JUST." I really don't get it. For my what? And why is JUST completely capitalized? I'm not going to think about it too much; most likely the person who came up with that didn't put a lot of thought into it, either!

At the elementary school I went to on Monday, I couldn't help but notice the strange t-shirt that one of the little girls was wearing. The following was written on it: "Brown Sugar -- a mild and natural material to the body." Huh?? What is that supposed to mean?

I saw another t-shirt recently that struck me as funny, but now I forget exactly what it said. It was something like, "Candy in my mouth make my cheeks bulge." Ummm...okay. I guess that makes sense, but it's definitely odd.

While I'm amused by some of the things I see and hear in English, the people here often laugh at me when I try to speak or write Japanese! So it goes both ways. :) I've concluded that the Japanese must be geniuses for memorizing so many kanji characters, not to mention hiragana and katakana -- two other forms of Japanese characters. It really boggles my mind! Their language is definitely not easy for me!

But all I can do is try, right? So I applaud the efforts to speak and write English! And meanwhile, I will try to learn Japanese as much as I can. I take "a pride" (hehe) in the fact that I have memorized the entire chart of hiragana!


Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine that English is that hard to learn! I guess it is though. Just think your Japanese might sound to them like some of their English sounds to you!

Jamie said...

Dana!! I am glad I saw this website on your facebook! I hope Japan is going great for you... How sad that I had to read your title 2934724 times before I saw the error. wow. :)

- Jamie

The Princess said...

yup, its funny! But I would say that Chinese is one of the hardest languages in the world, and Japanese too. English is not a difficult language really, as compared to French, Chinese and other languages :)