Monday, March 24, 2008

So much to think about

Yesterday, I celebrated Easter with my family for the first time in four years. (I’ve missed the last three because of traveling.) And who knows? It could be another four years before I get to celebrate Easter with them again, which is a sad thought.

I love my family. Being away from them for so long is one of the hardest things – if not the hardest thing – about moving to Kuji.

Although I try not to focus on it much, I can’t help but think about what I’ll be missing during the year (maybe even two) that I’m in Japan.

Besides Easter, I’ll miss other major holidays, birthdays, my brother’s graduation from high school (possibly my sister’s, too) and other family gatherings. I’ll most likely miss a family vacation or two. I know that I’ll miss spending time with my family and friends. See? Thinking about all of this can be downright depressing.

I try not to spend a lot of time thinking about Japan in general, which is easier said than done because I’m constantly being asked what I’m doing after I graduate. Part of me wants to put off thinking about this major life change because, well, to be honest, it’s overwhelming! Besides, there are so many other things that I need to focus on right now, like classes and senior comps.

Nevertheless, my mind wanders to thoughts of Japan. I often see things and then wonder if I’ll see those items in Japan. And if I do, will they be the same? For example, the other day when I was drinking milk, I thought, “Hmmm. I wonder if I’ll be able to buy milk in Japan? What about cereal? What will I eat for breakfast? What will a typical lunch or dinner be like?” And the thought process continues.

I realized recently that the first time in my life that I’ll do my own grocery shopping will be in Japan! I’ve never had to shop for myself or fix my own meals. I went from living at home to living in a dorm, and when I lived in Washington, D.C., the meals were provided where I stayed. So this will be an experience!

I also realized that I’ll be in Japan during this year’s presidential election. I need to learn more about how to vote absentee from Japan – I’ve never had to think about that before. I also need to learn more about this year’s presidential candidates. I found a site that helps you determine who to vote for, in case you’re having trouble sorting it all out, like I am.

One of the major things on my mind right now is my upcoming spring break trip to Nicaragua! I’ll be leaving on Thursday for the mission trip with two of my best friends and a group from College Park Chruch. I’m so excited about this! I really do love to have adventures.


doug said...

I hope you love rice! Have fun in Nicaragua if I don't see you before then and be sure to take lots of pictures. I want a group picture to hang in the office with the clothes from FC, you, some local people, and your two FC friends. Doug

Ashley said...

Another site to look at about current issues is
I competely understand how you feel, when you are missing holiday's and birthday's. I missed my birthday and my favorite holiday (fourth of july) when I spent the summer in France. It's different, but I am sure that you will have so much fun!

mal8693 said...

Like yourself, I have never done my own grocery shopping either, but I'm sure I will be experiencing that adventure for the first time in the United States.

I'm so excited for you that you will be living in Japan for a year. I can image that it is a little overwhelming to think about but I'm sure it will be fabulous. :)